Des solutions sur mesures

E Course International advises and implements tailored solutions dedicated to your custom needs. By managing and optimising transport flows of our customers, we offer customised solutions that are converging economic, commercial and logistics.

E Course International sets up specific services tailored to your needs :

  • Provision of vehicles with drivers
  • Shuttles regular and timely
  • Organisation for wide loads
  • Grouping
  • Surface Storage

Notre Réseau

With our exclusive network nationally and internationally, we guarantee a reliable deliveryof your shipments in truckload or multiple.

The information provided by our services, you can know the exact status of each of your shipments and be in constant contact with the person responsible for processing your transactions.

Additional benefits :

ECI sets up specific services tailored to your needs


A preliminary study in collaboration with the client.


Drafting procedures and specific instructions.


Regular monitoring of performance.