Extreme urgency transportation

Great services

To send your fragile goods, urgent or high value-added, do not tolerate any delay, loss or requiring any special treatment to destination, we send a staff, trained in-house, bilingual and trained to ensure a service exceptionally dedicated to your shipments.

He is responsible for delivering, as accompanied luggage, your shipments worldwide safe from pickup to delivery. It provides a hand-delivered to your customer in the shortest time.

A votre écoute

E Course International is at your disposal to address any questions regarding your shipment and respond to any request for quotation from your services Export / Import.

E Course International has developed a global network of certified agents operating in synergy, providing turnkey solutions to the various actors in international trade.

Your advantages

  • We can start immediately to a multitude of destinations in over 100 countries.
  • We have extensive experience in the transportation OBC (ON BOARD COURIER) and we offer very competitive prices.
  • A phone call, some information about your shipment and we do the rest.
  • After your call, you will receive a maximum of 30 minutes including a proposal or company (ies) Agency (s) used (s), times of departure and arrival and the price (*).
  • We are available 24/24, 7 / 7, 365 days a year.
  • Whatever the nature of the package (important documents, spare parts, organs or medical devices), we brought it to where you want.

(*) Excludes: customs clearance in the destination country and the amount of VAT and import duties. On request we can use your customs agent in the destination country.