Emergency national and international transport

E Course International recommend

E Course International optimises modes to direct you immediately to the appropriate solution to your time constraints.

Quelques conseils :

  • Our experts give you CIS Extreme Urgency quality advice to organise a reliable and economical transportation of your emergency.
  • Each solution is unique and is the subject of a specific commitment.
  • 24/24 and 7/7, all stages of the mission are monitored in real time.
  • The confidential document packages of more than 3 tons, our consultants are organising a unique and dedicated road solution to your urgent shipment.

Our Network

Through its network, ECI offers real regional proximity to ensure immediate response immediate response and cover both day and night, throughout Europe.

> E Course International provides free transport or groupage loads and failure by hand delivery in conditions of maximum security. After each delivery, vous you receive real-time with a document certifying the delivery (POD).

Additional benefits :



Kidnapping and delivery of time-critical


A choice of means of transport most reliable for your most sensitive consignments


A kidnapping and a delivery day and night. DHL Express adapts to your schedule

Customised service

Creative solutions tailored to your needs