Hazardous materials

E Course International advise you

Whatever your shipments of hazardous materials (flammable liquids, empty uncleaned packagings, DNA sample, corrosives, etc..) we offer you our experience and expertise.

In strict compliance with regulations, ECI offers various benefits :

  • Treatment of dangerous goods (national and international)
  • IATA approved packaging, IMDG, ADR
  • Treatment of bio-pharm merchandise. (temperature-controlled if necessary)
  • Supply of dry ice

Regulated transportation

Dangerous Goods (R) are articles or substances that may pose a significant risk to the environment and the health or safety of persons during transport, and are therefore subject to specific regulations (IATA, ADR, IMDG).

We organize for you

Simple phone call, our team of certified professionals organizes the transport solution that best fits your specifications and operates in all professional fields: chemistry, health, industry.

The rules in this area is highly technical and complex, our trained staff RDG is able to inform exporters and importers. The reference manual "Rules for the transport of dangerous goods"is published annually by IATA organisation. For detailed information on dangerous goods, we recommend you visit IATA.


Consultancy / Expertise

Organisation of transport

Package approved

Reset your shipments in conformity